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Personal Loans

Personal loans are the most versatile loan type on the consumer lending market. While mortgages, car loans and student loans must be used for a specific purpose, personal loans can be borrowed for debt consolidation, day-to-day living expenses, vacations or credit building, among other things. The terms of personal loans vary as widely as their uses, though term lengths are generally under 15 years and the maximum amount is usually capped at €100,000. personal loans can either be secured or unsecured. Loans not secured by collateral have higher interest rates, as they’re riskier to make.

Small business loans

Small business loans can be a useful tool for homeowners looking to increase their inventory, buy new offices, or expand or finance their business. The amount of small business loans can range from a few thousand to over a million dollars. If you are planning to take on debt to finance your business, we have the loan program that best suits your specific needs..


Mortgages are used by consumers to finance home purchases. Because most homes cost much more than the average person makes in a year, mortgages are designed to make homebuying accessible by spreading out the cost over many years. The most common home loan is the 30 year fixed-rate mortgage. This loan is repaid in fixed monthly installments over the course of 30 years in a process called amortization. Mortgages with term lengths of 15 or 20 years are also offered, but are far less common—as their monthly payment is much higher than the 30 year variety. .